Try out our innovative problem-based methodology designed to foster collaboration among institutional leaders within and across institutions to tackle pressing strategy challenges head-on. Drawing inspiration from coaching, design methodologies, and the dynamic spirit of hackathon events, we’ve created a series of intensive online gatherings that provide a unique platform for leaders to come together, brainstorm solutions, and drive actionable change.

At these intensive online events, participants engaged in multi-session discussions where they collaboratively identified a specific strategy problem. They gathered their collective expertise to share best practices and explore potential solutions. In small groups, participants worked together to propose innovative strategies and actionable ideas to address these challenges.

Our events focused on various critical issues that educational leaders face in the digital age.

We aimed for institutional leaders to leave these events armed with concrete ideas and strategies they can implement within their respective institutions, making an immediate and meaningful impact.

We are committed to advancing this collaborative approach and will be:

  1. We created a comprehensive handbook that outlines the step-by-step process for running these digital leadership development events, ensuring that others can replicate our successful model.
  2. We hosted a series of six events, each with a specific focus on different areas of priority within the realm of digital education, fostering deep and meaningful discussions.
  3. Our ‘hacked’ institutional strategy proposals, born out of these events, are published on our project’s website. By doing so, we aim to share the valuable insights gained during these collaborative sessions with a wider audience, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange across the educational landscape.

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