Hacking Institutional Strategies for Rapidly Deployed Digital Education

Project News and events

  • July, 2022

    We are happy to announce that the Strategyhack Capacity Building Course on Digital Education Strategies is now available. You can use any of its three language versions: English, Spanish and Italian.


Building on knowledge and experience around digital learning gained during the COVID crisis, the StrategyHack project intends to strengthen the capacities of mid-level institutional leaders in higher education to promote more sustainable models of digital education, focusing on accelerating the digital transformation within higher education whilst promoting and nourishing high quality personalised digital environments


The StrategyHack consortium is working together to take a European Approach to supporting mid-level institutional leaders in the attainment of sustainable digital education models by  providing them with a set of tools  composed of the following digital artifacts:

  1. Capacity Building Course on Digital Education Strategies
  2. Peer-learning methodology for Digitisation Strategy Improvement
  3. Model Management System for digital education


StrategyHack supports the priorities of the European Commission’s Digital Education Action Plan and focuses on capacity building on mid-level institutional leaders since a resilient transformation requires strengthening the connecting tissue between the high-level management strategy level and the digital-pedagogy level which these personnel provide. We intend to:

  • accelerate digital transformation of staff, programmes and institutional processes within Higher Education.
  • promote and nourish high quality self-directed personalised learning environments with a strong digital component.
  • lock in gains made to perceptions of digital learning during the COVID crisis and using these to promote more sustainable models of digital education.